28 Apr, 2023

“We are the robots!”

Rompecabeza! This Spanish word literally means “break head” but the actual meaning is “puzzle”. Even if you sometimes think really hard, your head will hopefully not break from the exercise.

Speaking of thinking hard, Explo gives you an opportunity to “break your head” a little bit whenever you feel like having a moment of concentration and fun with words and letters.

With Explo you don’t need to wait for a human opponent to be ready to play a new game, or to reply to your most recent genius move. You can always challenge an opponent that is patiently there for you, never sleeps, and never abandons a game. Our robot goddesses are ready. We have four of them, with names from Norse mythology.

Sif (wife of Thor, has golden hair) is the easy one. She is so flexible that she adapts to your level of play, especially if you are a beginner or scoring much less than she. Sif likes an even game and doesn’t mind losing to you, which will happen eventually. Her base vocabulary is 20,000 words.

Frigg (wife of Odin and Baldur’s mother) is the next step up from Sif. She is not as adaptive and has a vocabulary of 35,000 words. When you start beating her and Sif on a regular basis, you are already quite proficient.

Idun (keeper of the golden apples, ensuring eternal youth for the gods) is for medium-to-advanced players. She has the entire word list at her disposal, and typically plays one of the 30 highest-scoring available moves. It might take you months of practice to beat her, but when you two are equals, Freyja will be waiting.

Freyja (goddess of love and fertility) is for the advanced. Like Idun, she has the full vocabulary at her disposal – and shows no mercy, always playing the highest-scoring move available. Her Achilles’ heel, however, is strategy – she sometimes opens up triple-word plays for you, for instance. To beat Freyja takes lots of skill, an extensive vocabulary and possibly some “head breaking” – even heartbreaking – but you will get there in the end.

So, get going with Explo. The robots are waiting for some serious rompecabeza!

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